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Watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Season 1 Online

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Watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Online

Genre: Animation, Drama


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a Japanese anime television series that premiered on Fuji TV's noitaminA timeslot on July 9, 2009, where it ended its original run on September 17. Directed by Masaki Tachibana and written by Natsuko Takahashi, it is an original series co-produced by Bones and Kinema Citrus. The 11-episode series centres around two young siblings, Mirai and Yūki, and single mother Mari who the two meet in the aftermath of a major earthquake hitting the Japanese capital, placed in the near future. It won the Excellence Prize in the Animation category at Japan's Media Arts Festival in 2009. It was announced that the series has been licensed for a release in North America, set to be released on April 2013.



Watch Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 S1E10 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 10 - Hey, Big Sister

Release Date: 2009-09-10

Mirai and Yūki are talking in the truck on the way back to their hometown, when Yuuki brings up the subject about his death. She tells him to stop talking about this nonsense, and that she and her parents would cry if he actually died. Once they arrive in their hometown, she sees Mayu, one of her friends from school. They chat, and Mayu tells her that her parents are staying in the nearby elementary school. Her dad is also being hospitalized due to an injury he sustained at work when the earthquake hit. She and Yuuki head over there, and find his best friend, Itsuki. By this time, Yūki has run off. He leads her to her parents, only to find out that her mom went back to the house to get clothing for her father. They walk outside again, and see the marronier that the two boys planted before she and Yūki went to the Odaiba Robotics Festival. Yūki is still nowhere in sight, so the two look for him. Mirai sees him a couple of times, but then he disappears whenever Itsuki appears. Itsuki and Mirai go back to his house to get the journal he wanted to give to Yūki, and then half of his house collapses. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Yūki actually did die at the hospital that day (episode 8) because he tells her with a bright light shining behind him, and the actual events are shown in the last few minutes. The preview from episode 9 hints that Yūki likely succumbed to Crush syndrome caused by his injuries in episode 2.