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Watch Samurai Harem Season 1 Online

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Watch Samurai Harem Online

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama


Having been raised and trained for the past seventeen years as a traditional samurai 'bushi', Yoichi was surprised when his father suddenly announces that there nothing more that he could teach his son, but he arranges for Yoichi to continue training at a dojo owned by one of his fathers friends. So now, Yoichi must leave the tranquility of his remote rural mountain life and move to city to live with his fathers friend's family to continue his studies. And if learning how to cope with city life were not hard enough, he finds himself living with 4 beautiful sisters, and having to endure a ‘training’ regiment more severe than he could ever imagine...



Watch Samurai Harem S1E06 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 6 - Wa-san is coming

Release Date: 2009-02-13

Washizu's attempt to return Ibuki's handkerchief fails because Ibuki hits him while chasing after Yoichi, who nosebled while looking at naked female sculptures. Toriyaka takes Washizu to the school infirmary. Washizu day dreams about confessing to Ibuki and returning her handkerchief by putting a letter into her shoe locker. Washizu performs the mission. The letter ends up in Yoichi's hand because Washizu put the letter into the wrong locker. Yoichi misinterprets the letter and thinks that Washizu is interested in learning martial arts from Ibuki. Washizu returns the handkerchief to Ibuki via Yoichi. Meanwhile, the Dark Crow Clan sends their successor and assassin, Nuezume Jinjyuro, to kill Yoichi. Toriyaka accompanies Washizu to Ibuki's dojo. There they meet Ibuki's four other students. Ibuki greets them all and assigns Yoichi to teach Washizu. With extra money from Chihaya's manga reprinting, Kagome and Chihaya buy food and drink for the "newcomer". In the dojo, Yoichi hits Washizu with a stick every time his attention wavers from his seiza position. Ibuki beats Yoichi up for his severity of his teaching method. As punishment and training for Washizu, both Washizu and Yoichi perform a thousand push ups in front of the students, with the students and Ibuki counting for them. Ayame comes in to the dojo to check out the commotion. After they both collapse at a thousand push ups, Kagome and Chiyaya arrive with food for dinner and they all eat together. Ibuki feeds Washizu because his hands are too tired to hold chopsticks. Ayame does the same with Yoichi.
Watch Samurai Harem S1E07 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 7 - Half Exposed One Piece Bikini

Release Date: 2009-02-19

Ibuki, Ayame, Chihaya, Kagome, Yoichi, Angela, Tsubasa and Ibuki's four students meet up at an empty beach after winning a lottery ticket. Yoichi arrives on the beach wearing a loincloth. Ibuki persuades him to wear swimming trunks. Two siblings, students of Saginomiya's Steering Techniques are assigned to defeat Yoichi. One of the brothers release a trained bird to attack the gang, which causes Yoichi to embarass everyone. Everyone goes into the water to play with the exception of Kagome. When Ibuki questions her, Kagome runs into the forest. Masashi-kun follows Kagome in pursuit. Kagome falls down a cave and breaks her fall by landing on top of Masashi-kun, who earns himself a bruise. Kagome tells Masashi to close his eyes and she dresses his injury with cloth. After a while, the rest of the gang searches for Kagome and Masashi-kun. Meanwhile, Masashi-kun and Kagome rushes out an exit to the cave only to find out that it leads to a ledge on a cliffface. Masashi-kun falls and manages to grab on to a tree branch but soon relinquishes his grip. The gang catches up to Kagome and Yoichi dives into the water to save Masashi. At that moment, the two brothers greet the gang on surfboards, and they challenge Yoichi to fight. Angela throws Yoichi a bokken, which lands away from Yoichi, and Chihaya throws Yoichi a life ring. Kagome dives in the water to save Mashashi-kun and throw the bokken to land in Yoichi's hand. Yoichi defeats the brothers with his swordplay. It is revealed that Kagome's refusal to participate in water activities is due to her embarrassment about her budding breasts. She continues to bind them with cloth.
Watch Samurai Harem S1E09 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 9 - Fly to the Fiery Summer Festival

Release Date: 2009-03-06

When Yoichi hits Washizu for daydreaming, he runs out of the dojo. Washizu shouts his confession to Ibuki. Ayame overhears this and thinks that Washizu is confessing to her. Washizu returns to the dojo and is paired up with Ayame and they spar aggressively with bokkens. After everyone is dismissed from the dojo, Washizu and Torigaya sees a poster for the local festival. The night of the festival arrives. Torigaya and Washizu made a rigged ballot. Torigaya mixed up the draw and the resulting groups are: Ayame and Washizu, Yoichi and Ibuki, with Chihaya, Kagome and Washizu are in the final group. During the course of the festival, siblings of the Saginomiya clan plot against Yoichi. It is a running gag that Yoichi is interested in a stall, runs ahead and leaves Ibuki to search for him. Meanwhile, Yoichi runs to a shooting gallery, a store run by the Saginomiya clan, and futilely tries to shoot a prize. Ibuki catches up to him and hits the main prize for a family to go to a hot springs, with a little help from the Saginomiya girl. At the same time, Ayame constantly hurls abuse at Washizu until he clears up Ayame's misunderstanding of his confession. Washizu sees Ibuki and Yoichi in the distance. He rushes off with Ibuki to leave Yoichi to Ayame. Meanwhile, Washizu finds that the person he rushed off with isn't Ibuki but Tsubasa with a haunted house mask. It is revealed that the reason why the Saginomiya clan tricks Ibuki into winning the hot springs trip is because of Ukyo's crush on Ibuki.
Watch Samurai Harem S1E10 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 10 - Secret Hot Springs Death Match!

Release Date: 2009-03-12

Yoichi and the gang go to a hot springs for free due to Ibuki winning a prize at the festival last episode. The gang is overwhelmed by the grandeur of the hot springs. While the girls enjoy the hot springs and its facilities, Yoichi walks around the area and thinks about his former life in the mountains. Yoichi and the gang eat dinner with their host. The host say that ghosts in the cave behind the inn is the reason why there are no other guest in the inn. Yoichi and Ibuki volunteer to exorcise the ghost in return of the hospitality they received and they start walking to the cave. Chihaya relays this to Ayame, who feigns ignorance and walks out of the inn. Immediately after, Ukyo and his sister, disguised as the host, release a sleeping gas throughout the inn. Arriving at the entrance to the cave, Yoichi and Ibuki fall into a hole and both gets knocked unconcious. Yoichi wakes up and finds Ayame next to him, who starts seducing him. Meanwhile, Ibuki wakes up and sees Ukyo, who tries to rekindle their friendship. When Ibuki sees Ayame seducing Yoichi, she says that it cannot possibly be Ayame. Yoichi reaches the same conclusion but voices his reason that Ayame's breast aren't that big. Ibuki beats Yoichi. Sakon takes off her Ayame mask and releases another dose of the sleeping gas. Ibuki instantly falls asleep but Yoichi is able to resist the effects of the gas to an extent. Ukyo and his sister take Ibuki away, leaving Yoichi struggling to get back to the inn. When he gets inside the inn, Yoichi is faced with a series of assailents. Yoichi beats up all of them, leaving himself weak and open for Nuezume Jinjyuro. Ayame saves Yoichi and helps defeats all the remaining opponents. Ayame and Yoichi finds Kagome and Chihaya, wakes them up. Together they search for Ibuki. When they do find her, she appears to be hypnotised.