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Watch Buddy Complex Season 1 Online

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Watch Buddy Complex Online

Genre: Animation, War, Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Buddy Complex revolves around the main character, Aoba Watase, an ordinary high school boy. One day, his classmate Hina Yumihara, saves him from being killed by a guy in a mecha that came from the future. Hina revealed that she herself also from the future and then she sends Aoba into the future. When he wakes up, he finds himself over seventy years into the future, where the Free Pact Alliance and the Zogilia Republic are at war with each other, each battling with their own valiancers; and Aoba is on the former's team, teams up with Dio using coupling valiancers Luxon and Bradyon. He also learns that Hina is on the opposing team, and what's even stranger, she doesn't remember him at all.



Watch Buddy Complex S1E01 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 1 - Encounter

Release Date: 2013-12-29

As war continues in the future, a mysterious vortex opens up and begins to devour everything in it's path. One such soldier is sucked into the vortex and thrown into the past, more specifically, the year 2014. When he finally deduces where (and when) he is, he sets out to fine a presumably notorious man by the name of "Aoba Watase". Aoba, a young high school student, during this time was just starting school from his summer vacation. Just barely making it on time, Aoba meets up with his friends who tell him his new seating arrangement. He was to sit next to Hina Yumihara. Although he's never talked to her much over the years, there was something interesting about her that peaked his interest. After school, after playing some basketball with his friends, Hina gets an alert of incoming danger. Despite her efforts to secure the three friends, the unknown mecha soldier lands at Aoba's school threatening to obliterate him. Missing the first shot, the four classmates run for safety throughout the school. Managing to separate himself from his friends, Aoba manages to escape into the city in an attempt to outrun his assailant. Mina, managing to catch up to Aoba, tell him to follow her, as she can save him. Confused, Aoba follows her to a warehouse, to which he wonders if she's inside. Too late to react, the soldier towers over Aoba ready to attack again. Attempting to run, Aoba is corned by another unknown mecha. However, this one is revealed to be Hina. Upon staggering the opposing mecha, she tells Aoba to come with her. As the skirmish between mechas carry on, Hina is able to subdue her opponent. Given the time, Aoba questions her on exactly what was going on. She explains that she was a time-traveler, who came from the future to protect Aoba from this exact incident. When he asks her how she knew this would happen, she told him that his future self had warned her. Having completed her mission and causing an uproar, the police and tourist begin to gather around and Hina prepares to leave. However, much to their surprise, the assailant rises again, grabs of hold f Hina's mecha, and prepares to self destruct. In a panic, Hina tries her best to get loose, but to no avail. Keying into the anomaly that sent the soldier back in time, Hina believes the only way to save Aoba is to send them both into the vortex. She asks Aoba to put his faith into her, which he does rather easily, causing her to blush and berate him for putting his faith in people so easily. Barely getting through the vortex, the soldier's Valiancer explodes and Hina begins to explain that everything will be okay. Sharing a sentimental smile, she tells him that he is going into the future where a man named Dio is awaiting him. Hina then begins to fade away into the light of the vortex, leaving Aoba to await his fate. Waking up into the future, Aoba finds himself within the Luxon Valiancer on a battlefield surround by two opposing forces.
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SEASON 1, EPISODE 2 - Nice Coupling

Release Date: 2014-01-05

The episode begins with Zogilian forces attacking one of the Alliance's tactical laboratories while officers are restocking goods for Cygnus' future use. As the officers scramble to finish loading the necessary goods onto the ship, the Alliance's Valiancer pilots- Lieutenant Lee Conrad, Sub-Lieutenant Jarl Duran and Ensign Dio Junyou Weinberg prepare for battle. Lee requests permission for Dio's participation in combat, as the previous pilot of the Luxon, an officer named Marcus, had died in battle. Once permission has been given and all the conditions have been cleared, the three take off. Meanwhile, the Zogilian forces- led by Bizon Gerafil- reveal that the purpose of their attack is to capture a new, faster and more powerful type of Valiancer in the Alliance's possession. They eventually find out that the aforementioned Valiancer in fact Dio's Bradyon. While the battle takes place, Aoba awakens and finds himself in the Luxon. The Luxon activates once he regains consciousness, surprising the Cygnus staff and the Valiancer pilots. Lieutenant Commander Lene Kleinbeck demands to know Aoba's identity, but Aoba is initially disoriented by his surroundings. When he eventually identifies himself, she is displeased to find out that he is not an officer and asks him to stay put. However, Captain Gengo Kuramitsu orders that the Coupling process be initiated, much to the astonishment of Dio, Lene and the rest of the staff. Dio tries convincing Aoba to agree to the Coupling process, but before Aoba can say anything the Zogilian forces notice the Luxon and move to destroy it. As he moves to battle the soldier Mihailov, Dio urges Aoba to say the command required to initiate the coupling process. While hesitant and confused at first, Aoba ultimately complies, successfully initiating the Coupling process and giving both Valiancers a power boost. Though Aoba himself is an not a experienced pilot, he benefits from the psychic connection brought around by the Coupling process and is able to use the knowledge Dio shares with him to operate the Valiancer and engage in combat. Dio and the Bradyon, on the other hand, benefit from increased speed and reaction time. After the Luxon takes out Mihailov in battle, Bizon orders the Zoglilian pilots to retreat. Dio deactivates the Coupling process, causing Aoba to lose control of the Luxon and fall to the ground. Meanwhile, in the Cygnus, the Captain decides that they have to take Aoba and the Luxon with them in order to protect classified information. As Aoba unsuccessfully attempts to open the cockpit, he finds Hina's hairclip. Almost immediately afterwards, the cockpit opens and Aoba finds Dio pointing a gun at him. He is escorted to the ship while the Captain reports to his seniors about the day's events. Upon reaching the ship and learning of the state of affairs in 2088, Aoba has trouble convincing Dio and most of the staff of the fact that he is from the past. This almost escalates into a fight with Dio, and when the latter leaves to meet the Captain, Aoba makes a last-ditch attempt and tells Dio that Hina Yumihara sent him to the future. Dio coldly replies that does not recognize the name. Dio, Gengo, Lene and Special Officer Elvira Hill discuss Aoba in the Captain's office, and they conclude that while Aoba's belongings corroborate his story, the idea of time-travel is far-fetched. Dio objects to the notion of fighting alongside Aoba again, but the Captain's answer is rather ambiguous. Meanwhile, Lee and Corporal Mayuka Nasu then bring Aoba to the former's room, where he wonders at the meaning behind Hina's last words. The Cygnus then departs for its next location. In a Zoglian ship, Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Gallant is seen addressing his subordinates and then assuring Secret Service Agent Margaret O'Keefe that he will bring her a sample of the new Valiancers. The episode ends with the Zogilian soldiers- of which Hina is one- leaving the Trident for battle.
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SEASON 1, EPISODE 3 - Meeting Again

Release Date: 2014-01-19

Further explaining why the world is at war, Mayuka briefs Aoba to help him become more aware of the events taking place. She also explains what Coupling is and its importance in battle. This discussion however, disturbs Captain Gengo, to which his underling, Lene, reassures him that there is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Mayuka gives Aoba a short show around of the ship, until the arrive at the room where they keep Valiancer mechas. More specifically, she explains to him what the Luxon, the mech Aoba steered earlier, is and how it was being modified to suit him. The explaination was cut short when Dio arrived and reprimanded Mayuka for bringing him there. Suddenly, the alarm is sounded and interrupts their conversation; indicating that the ship was under attack, the Valiancer Unit is deployed to protect the Cygnus. After a small skirmish between the two opposing forces, the unit succeeds in fending off the initial three soldiers in their pursuit. On the contrary, they were not retreating but preparing a different weapon. Alfred Gallant and his mecha arrive with a nectar cannon, doing heavy damage to the Cygnus. Due to the dire position they are in, Aoba is asked once again to go into battle. Still sharing Dio's knowledge of how to pilot a mecha, he suits up and readies himself, prepared to couple with Dio once again. Successfully coupling for the second time, Dio leaves Aoba to face a Zongolia soldier by himself. Defeating her, he notices that she was indeed Hina. Attempting to get her to remember him, he accidentally forced a decoupling, injuring Dio in the process. Even so, Aoba's actions were only retaliated with an attack, due to them believing he was trying to capture her. Once again, due to heavy casualties both sides were forced to retreat, leaving the battle at a standstill.
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SEASON 1, EPISODE 4 - The Time for Resolve

Release Date: 2014-01-27

After what had transpired in the recent battle, Dio strikes Aoba due to his careless behavior that almost killed Lieutenant Lee Conrad. Aoba responds by telling him that the girl he was trying to save, Hina Yumihara, was not his enemy but a girl who had saved his life. Seeing Lieutenant Conrad on a stretcher, Aoba goes over to thank him for what his sacrifice, to which the latter only responds with gratitude to Aoba. He mentioned that because Aoba was there, everyone lived through the battle. Having taken heavy casualties, the Cygnus then continues to its destination. Meanwhile in the Zogilia's Trident, Alfred Gallant begs Margaret O'Keefe to not detain Hina, to whom he refers to as Riazan. However, Margaret mentions that by the enemy knowing her real name, she has become very suspicious of her, and that alone was her crime. After reaching the Narashino base, Aoba returns to his birth place to see what it is like 70-years into the future. Knowing that he was sent to be watched over, he is accompanied by Mayuka Nasu, who shows him around. She explains that Narashino was occupied shortly after the war started and that the land on his home was taken to, but never expanded upon. Realizing that his family and friends are gone, he and Mayuka go to explore more familiar sites. Upon returning to the Cygnus, Aoba tells Mayuka that he did not want to pilot a valiancer anymore because someone else might get hurt because of him. She responds by telling him that they all need him and that he is quite possibly their savior, as shown by his actions saving them all twice form Zogilia's assaults. With a new found resolve, Aoba decides to continue piloting the Luxon and fighting with the people who need him the most. Much to Dio's surprise, the captain accepts Aoba as a Ensign, or Second Lieutenant. Despite everything going well with the Cygnus' crew, they recevie an S.O.S. signal from a private ship that is being surrounded by Zogilian forces, lead by Lieutenant Bonelle. With an immediate response, the Cygnus' valiancer unit head out to meet the threat head on. But, once they enter the fray, both Dio and Aoba attempt to couple together. It fails, however, due to the fact that Dio does not trust Aoba. In addition to this, The private ship turns out to be one owned by his family. Empathizing with Dio's need to save his family, Dio begins to trust Aoba and successfully couples once again and saving the ship. After escorting the ship to the Chitose Base, Dio is immediatly greeted by his younger sister, Fiona and their father.
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Release Date: 2014-02-02

On the Chitose Base, Aoba is approached by Ensign Saburouta Ogisaka, the instructor is charge of his training, along with Mayuka Nasu who will assist him. During the training session Aoba attempts to leave, having wanted nothing to do with it. Having been convinced to stay, he is forced to clean the Cygnus and other places within it. However, on the Trident, Margaret O'Keefe plans a preemptive strike. In addition, Hina Ryazan had been freed due to Alfred's plea. Noticing her uneasiness, Hina responds by saying that she is disappointed that not all suspicion is cleared from her. Alfred advises her to prove her innocence through her actions. After leaving, she is confronted by Bizon Gerafil, who asks if she is alright. Hina only responds by saying that Margaret was only doing her job. Back on the Cygnus Aoba, fed up with the amount of cleaning, spots Fiona Junyou Weinberg and her helper attempting to enter a restricted area. Deciding to approach her, Aoba asks if Fiona was looking for her brother, Dio, as he could go get him for her. Fiona declines saying that she wasn't sure that he would have wanted to see her, due to what their father had said to him earlier. She then goes on to explain what happened in their hometown and that she was left crippled and their mother dying. She also says that because of Dio's failure to protect their family, their father blames him, with Dio also blaming himself. Recognizing the severity of their predicament, Aoba feigns injury so that Fiona can sneak in to see her brother. Successfully passing the guards, they are surprised to enter a room that is celebrating Aoba as an addition to the Cygnus' crew. Calling Dio on the intercom, he is surprised to see his sister, however the transmission is interrupted by a danger warning. With the 15th Aerial Strike Force in combat against the Zogilian Pacific Fleet in the Otaru's region. Over in headquarters, Vice-Admiral Richardson orders all forces in the neighboring areas to assist them. Receiving the message, the Cygnus' crew head over to Otaru to help. Once they are ready to dispatch, they are instantly greeted with an unexpected sneak attack from the enemy, led by Alfred; joined by Bizon ,Hina, and Tarjim. Seeing no other choice, Captain Gengo Kuramitsu decides to take an emergency liftoff and tackle the enemy head-on. However, seeing that the odds aren't in their favor, the crew decides to retreat, using a coupled Dio and Aoba, as their means to escape. Having fled safely, the Zogilian forces move in to control the Chitose area.
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SEASON 1, EPISODE 6 - Another Coupler

Release Date: 2014-02-09

Due to the Coupling exploit at the Chitose Base being revealed to the public, a meeting of the Alliance's leaders turned into a bout of question as to where the military got the funding to continue the illegal research program. Meanwhile, a meeting between the military leaders, Commodore Green assures the others that despite the public uproar, they will still have a ton of support. On the Cygnus, the crew is told that they would be forgiven if they flew to Hawaii and modeled along side the Cygnus, for other promotional reasons. Seeing the opportunity as a good one, Captain Gengo Kuramitsu decides to take it. As the promotional crew board the ship, Aoba Watase and Jarl Duran talk about its necessity. Interrupted, Aoba is also told that he will not be the featured Coupler along side Dio, and that he'd be replaced by someone more well known, Fromm Vantarhei, the pilot of the Beryl Explorer. After getting the crew acquainted, Dio explains to Aoba that he had history with Fromm, as they entered the same coupling examination. Upon commencing emphator test between Dio and Fromm, it turns out that they aren't compatible due to different life experiences. However, Fromm and Aoba turned out to be. Choosing Aoba to come in as a performer in Dio's place, Dio is assigned to pilot the Beryl Explorer to capture film, while Fromm is to pilot the Bradyon. During filming, a surprise attack is launched by Dolzief and the Zogilian Elite Squadron. After an intense battle, the Elite Squadron proved themselves more than ready for the couplers. However, it was because of Dio's help, that the crew was saved from the assault. After finishing the promotional filming, Aoba teases Dio about his acting and wishes that Fromm could have stayed longer; though Dio did not agree. Much to his shock however, Fromm reveals that he is now a new member of the Cygnus' crew.
Watch Buddy Complex S1E07 Online


Release Date: 2014-02-16

Opening with a flashback, the beginning of the episode reveals the history between both Dio Junyou Weinberg and Fromm Vantarhei, at the Lake Louis Training Academy. Meanwhile, on the Cygnuss way back to the Alliance's base in Hawaii, Captain Gengo Kuramitsu and Lieutenant Lene Kleinbeck discuss a broadcast from the Zogilia Republic, and how it was used as propaganda. Approaching a small formation of islands, the Cygnus lays low for a while, in order to throw off the Gae Bulg's radars. However, sensing a storm approaching and that the enemy would not be able to catch up, the Cygnus uses its radar jamming technology to confuse the latter. During a briefing, Elvira Hill and Mayuka Nasu explain the the ships Valiancer Unit, how Aoba was an anomaly in coupling research. They further elaborated by saying that his wave-length is somehow exactly the same as the standard wave-length. Then to everyone's surprise, Lee Conrad returns from injury. The briefing, however, was cut short by an alert that they had been found. Though, the ship was not the Gae Bolg, but the Zogilia's new battleship, the Vajra, led by Alfred Gallant and his previous Valiancer Unit from aboard the Trident. Despite accomplishing what Dolzief could not, Officer Margaret O'Keefe tells Alfred to send the coordinates to the Gae Bolg immediately. Receiving the enemy coordinates, Dolzief immediately proceeds to attack the Cygnus. Despite managing to separate the Cygnus' forces, Dolzief is defeated by Aoba and Dio, who uses their combined ability to use the Code T3Rise, and subsequently destroying his Valiancer. Much to Alfred's delight, he sends his unit to initiate a follow-up attack on the Cygnus' crew. Using his timing correctly, he had been waiting for the enemy's coupling to cease. Seeing that they are in a grave situation, Captain Gengo orders the crew to hide within the storm as opposed to fighting a battle they could not win. Upon noticing their plan, Alfred orders his unit to retreat due to the fact that the high-powered storm would not work in their favor in battle. Refusing to give up until Aoba was dead, Hina pursues them anyway, managing to stop Aoba from successfully landing on the Cygnus. With a short skirmish, both of them are flung into the storm, falling down to the islands below.
Watch Buddy Complex S1E09 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 9 - Coupling System

Release Date: 2014-03-03

With the Luxon in heavy repair, Aoba begins to remember what happened on the island with Hina Ryazon. Captain Gengo Kuramitsu, meanwhile, apologizes to Vice-Admiral Richardson for the crew's continued delay. While scolding them the Vice-Admiral is interrupted by Doctor Alessandro Fermi, the creator of the coupling system, who hacked into the telecommunication between the two. Upon the intrusion, Alessandro greets the crew personally arriving on The Crane, a coupling research ship. Getting straight to the point, he asks for a demonstration, between Aoba and Dio, of their coupling prowess. Delighted at what he sees, Dio and Aoba couple for a full length of time. Noticing that Aoba wasn't acting himself, Dio questions him about what happened on the island. Predicting that Aoba had met with Hina, Aoba denies it stubbornly, causing Dio to punch him. The two get into a short scuffle and are immediately placed into the jail cells to calm down. Doctor Fermi, coming to greet the two, further explains to them how the coupling system operates. Informing them that even the tiniest lag in mental lapses could cease the coupling immediately and to prevent this, the thoughts are transmitted a nano-second into the future. Leaving the two confused, the Doctor simply parts with them with hopes for their continued teamwork. Discussing the matter of mass-producing the Coupling Valiancers, both Elvira Hill and Alessandro both regretted to inform Captain Gengo that they are not yet into those stages of development, despite the enemy highly coveting the technology. This discussion led reference to Doctor Wilhelm Hahn, who defected to The Zogilia Republic. Meanwhile, on the Vajra, Doctor Hahn warns Margaret O'Keefe that he suspects that she has only one more chance to capture the prototype Valiancer. In agreeance, she personally embarks on the mission, taking Alfred Gallant and his Valiancer Unit. Coming to the battle with a plan to wait out the coupling length between Dio and Aoba, the enemy, attacks with wave after wave of missiles. However, this plan fails as the two exceed the normal coupling length destroying all of their missiles targeting them. Despite this, they were not able to save the Crane, and regrettably Doctor Fermi. Upon returning to the Vajra, Doctor Hahn informs Margaret that she will be replaced and that they will act on Alfred's pre-proposed plan, calling Viktor Ryazan and his men for help.
Watch Buddy Complex S1E11 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 11 - Truth

Release Date: 2014-03-17

The episode opens with Aoba and the Cygnus crew at the Hawaii base looking at the mechas Firebrand and Skyknight. Elvira mentions they no longer use them, and do not intend to. Meanwhile a damaged ship requests a emergency landing on the base. It turns out to be soldiers and Valiancers from Zogilia, who were went to steal Luxon and Bradyon. While looking for Luxon and Bradyon there are several flashbacks of Hina's past, including her deciding to join the army. Her father, Viktor Ryazan, is fatally wounded while saving Hina from a gunshot. As the pair and other soldiers hide in another part of the base, Viktor explains how Hina was adopted as he lay dying. He had adopted her from a battlefield when Hina was young. After Hina escapes, Viktor activates a grenade, killing him and several Free Pact Alliance soldiers. Conflicted and confused, Hina wanders around the base and stumbles upon Aoba. They sit down and talk about what had happened to Hina when Bizon shows up after looking for her. Bizon takes Hina and escapes, stealing Luxon and Bradyon in the process. In an attempt to retrieve Luxon and Bradyon without shooting them down, Aoba and Dio decide to use Firebrand and Skyknight. They attempt a Coupling, but Elvira attempts to stop this by changing the settings. However Aoba and Dio override this, and the Coupling suceeds. However their Emphater levels cause them to share memories and eventually forcefully decouple. This gives Bizon and Hina the chance to escape. The episode ends with Aoba and Dio confused over what has happened.
Watch Buddy Complex S1E12 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 12 - The Bond Between Them

Release Date: 2014-03-24

The episode opens with Aoba and Dio undergoing a check up, as there is concern over damage to their waveforms, after they had forcefully decoupled. Elvira comments that despite trying to prevent the coupling, they were able to overcome this, as their bond keeps growing. After the check up, Dio confronts Aoba and asks him if he really is from the past, as he had seen Aoba's memories. Elvira explains that the old-type mechas allowed users to share memories as well through a stronger psychological bond, and while this was stronger than the usual, it would only work effectively if it could be controlled. Meanwhile, a funeral is underway for Viktor Ryazan and other troops that have died. Bizon confronts Hina about Aoba, and Hina explains about Aoba and his story of time travel, while also telling him Viktor was not her real father. Hina also theorizes the reason she lost her memories is because the time travel Aoba had mentioned made her lose her memories. Hina then shows him the hairpin Aoba had given her. Disgusted, Bizon tells her it is only a lie and knocks away the hairpin. He attempts to kiss her, but she pushes him aside. At the Zogilia Alaskan base, Wilhelm Hahn asks Hina to join his division, as she has superb coupling potential. He gives her an injection, which makes Hina go into a emotionless state. Bizon, wanting to join Hina, undergoes a painful process and obtains a suit that allows him to use the coupling system, as he did not have the capability before. The Cygnus is sent out with a Alliance fleet to destroy the Gorgon, a 420 meter Nector cannon. Two new Coupling Valiancers were to be delivered to Aoba and Dio in the middle of the battlefield. As the two fleets engage, the Valiancers onboard the Cygnus are put on standby, waiting for the two coupling Valiancers. As Hina mercilessly destroys numerous ships and Valiancers, Alfred Gallant seems to notice something different about Hina. The Zogilia base fires the Gorgon, destroying 51% of the Alliance fleet. Although the ship with the coupling Valiancers was not hit, it's positioning could not be confirmed.
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SEASON 1, EPISODE 13 - Acception

Release Date: 2014-03-30

The episode opens with the battle from the previous episode. Hina and Bizon attempt a Coupling, but Hina is constantly in pain from the abnormal coupling settings, which causes her to have flashbacks as well. Hina, unable to utter "accept", Wilhelm Hahn, forces the Coupling, causing Hina to drift back and forth from her mental states. Aoba and Dio set out on Skyknight and Firebrand to retrieve their new coupling Valiancers, Luxon NX and Bradyon NX from the transport ship. As Hina and Bizon ruthlessly destroy countless ships of the Free Pact Alliance, they are interrupted by Aoba and Dio, now inside their new Valiancers. They perform a coupling, with their strength much more powerful because of their bonds and the new advanced Valiancers. A battle between the four coupling Valiancers begins, with both sides watching in awe. As Aoba opens a communication channel with Hina, Hina is able to temporarily break from her mindless state. This however decouples Bizon and Hina. Bizon attempts to couple again with Hina, causing her intense pain. The latter couples with Aoba instead, freeing Hina from her state of mind permanently. Elvira comments how incredibly high their Emphater levels and compatibility are, rising above the maximum levels of 100. The Alaskan base than fires the Gorgon, only to be stopped by the Code T2Rise caused by Aoba and Hina's coupling. The resulting energy unleashes a time vortex, and Bizon gets sucked inside along with Hina. It is here Hina realizes Bizon is the one who attacks Aoba in the past. Hina is able to see what she will do, arriving at a deserted beach in the past, before enrolling in his school, and saving Aoba. After she sends Aoba to the past, the time vortex would de-age her, and subsequently send her to the battlefield where she is found by her foster father. Hina then enters the time vortex, but Aoba decides Hina should not go back for his sake, Aoba attempts to go into the time vortex. In the original timeline, Dio stops Aoba, allowing Hina to save Aoba in 2014. However, in the current timeline, Dio enters the time tunnel with Aoba, and they then shoot Bizon, and his Valiancer explodes, preventing him from reaching the past. He however does not die, instead going through the time tunnel anyway, ending up sometime in the past. They then drag Hina out of the time tunnel. Luxon NX and Bradyon NX return to the Cygnus along with Hina, who has decided to join the Alliance. The episode ends with a meeting among high ranked Zogilia officials. It is here it is revealed Bizon is in fact the leader of the Zogilia Republic, although he is of much older age, establishing it after being sent back in the time tunnel. He is still obsessed over killing and defeating Aoba (most likely because of jealousy).