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Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons Season 1 Online

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Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons Online

Genre: Action, Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction


Humanity has advanced to great heights since it obtained the information technology known as "Mana." With that nearly magical power, problems like war, food shortages, and pollution have been eliminated. This age of peace and freedom, the Empress Angelese of the Misurugi Empire is a privileged girl with no disabilities. She learns, however, that she is a "Norma," a kind of human who cannot use Mana and are outcasts of society. Having lost everything, she is sent to an isolated island. There she meets other Normas who ride in humanoid weapons called Para-mails, protecting the world from dragons invaders from another dimension.



Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E05 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 5 - Ange, Lost

Release Date: 2014-11-02

Ange was tied up naked and a half-naked boy sleeping beside her. as they both wake up, Ange tries to scream while the boy is explaining her current situation which ended up being beaten. Meanwhile at Arzenal, Jill orders Salia to conduct a search and rescue operation for Ange. Ange manages to escape and heads to the shore where Villkiss in assault mode is docked. She discovers that Hilda's underwear was the reason of Villkiss' malfunction and the boy followed her. Ange and the boy continue their altercation until the boy was tied up and Ange wanders around the forest. As rain falls, Ange seeks shelter but she is bitten by a snake which causes her to become unconscious due to the snake's venom. The boy rescues her by sucking the venom on her left leg and treat her on the boy's place. The boy looks after Ange by feeding, helping her recuperate and repairing her Villkiss which reminds the boy on his early days where his parents died and Jill seemingly appears along with Villkiss. The boy introduces to Ange as Tusk, but never discloses his true identity as he evades Ange's questions. Though they spend quality time together, it was interrupted when a fleet carrying a brig-class DRAGON appears on them above and a Schooner attacks them. Ange holds off the Schooner while Tusk is repairing Villkiss. As Ange feels hopeless and Villkiss is now operational, the latter shoots the Schooner and Ange frantically stabs the Schooner to death. At dawn, Ange formally introduces herself to Tusk and the rescue team arrives. Before the credits, Tusk seemingly pays his last respect to his fallen comrades and leaves the island with a ParaMail to Arzenal.
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E07 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 7 - Salia`s Depression

Release Date: 2014-11-16

This episode revolves around Salia's diary where she chronicles her frustration as the Captain of her squadron and dealing Ange's arrogance. After their defensive sortie, Rosalie blames Ange for annihilating all DRAGONs which affects their bounty. Ange sarcastically responds to Rosalie and Salia defended that they must work together as a squadron. At the cafeteria, Hilda questions Salia's leadership on which Salia quietly leaves and heads to Jasmine so she can rent a fitting room and de-stress herself by cosplaying a character based on a book she read. However, Ange accidentally sees Salia and out of humiliation, Salia decides to confront Ange. Salia faces Ange on the bathing area and bicker each other. In the end, they're both punished by making a repentance essay. The next day, Ange got a fever and despite Ange's absence Salia and her squadron push through their training. At the hangar, Salia heads to Villkiss and Mei tells Salia that since Ange using Villkiss there were no casualties every sortie. On their defensive sortie, Salia and her squadron intercepts a land-based DRAGON. Hilda takes advantage of Ange's absence by pushing themselves to the huge DRAGON until the latter uses a spell of gravitational pull where everyone was grounded and can't make an attack. Hope comes as Ange en-route to the squadron and Salia angrily lectures Ange to follow her orders. Ange did follow Salia's instructions and manage to break the DRAGON's left horn to dispel the gravitational pull then the squadron finishes the DRAGON. Back at Arzenal, the squadron gets a huge bounty while Ange gets a small amount. Salia asks her squadron if they're satisfied on the bounty they received and staying alive every mission they take. Rosalie and Chris decide to move on and Hilda branded her lovers as traitors. The squadron honors Ange by throwing her at the bathing area and Salia unites her squadron. Before the credits, Momoka intercepts an emergency Mana message where Sylvia asks if she found Ange then screams as if it is was taken.
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E08 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 8 - Bikini Escape

Release Date: 2014-11-23

Arzenal holds the annual Festa as giving Normas a day off from their usual duties. In this Festa, Ange's old friend Misty Rosenblum represents the festivity in the name of the Rosenblum family, who supervises Arzenal. As the festivity goes, Misty asks Emma to locate Ange because she wants to meet her. As others spend their time in the Festa, Hilda is planning something and Ange gets bored that she decided to wear the Perolina costume. Ange sneaks on Misty's mansion and talks to her that she needs help. Meanwhile, Momoka searches for Ange and Hilda talks to her in a gunpoint. Simultaneously, Ange and Misty head to the armory to gather weapons and proceed to the Hangar. However, Hilda commands via gunpoint to Momoka to control the transport and Ange sees them as well, pointing her gun to Hilda. Ange demands to use the transport but Hilda tells her that she knows the Hangar's mechanisms because the transport is locked and breaking it means alerting Arzenal. Forming an unlikely alliance, Hilda frees the transport and Ange tells Momoka to fly the aircraft. As the transport runs, Ange initially refuses Hilda boarding the plane due to the bullying she received from her but Hilda clings on and reveals her past with Zola and her intention in escaping in order to meet her mother. Ange accepts Hilda's reasons and lets her board the plane as it leaves Arzenal. After reaching their destination, Ange with Momoka and Hilda part ways and tells that they must survive so they can meet again. Before the credits, Ange and Momoka heads to the Empire of Misurugi.
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E09 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 9 - The Hometown of Betrayal

Release Date: 2014-11-30

This episode happened simultaneously, as Ange and Hilda heads to their respective places to meet their loved ones. Hilda stole some clothes before heading to her mother which lives in the outskirts of Enderant Union. Arrived on her destination, her mother didn't recognize her and Hilda thought she grew up and her appearance changed. As she was about to reveal her name to her mother, a young girl appears and her mother called the girl "Hilda", which surprises her. The young Hilda learns that Hilda is a Norma which freaks her out and fainted. Her mother despised Hilda and asked her to leave the place. Despite reiterating that she is Hilda, her mother throws a slice of apple pie. A devastated Hilda leaves and later being beaten by the police. As laid beaten, she wonders if Ange met her sister. Meanwhile, Ange and Momoka prepares their advance on the imperial palace. They head to the Iaria hangar and met Ange's friend Akiho, who is terrified upon seeing Ange. As Ange gets an Iaria vehicle, Akiho attempts to make an emergency call but Ange quickly notices Akiho's call and ties her up. As they maneuver around the imperial capital, they were being ambushed and chased until Ange heads to a hidden passage. As they reached the imperial palace, Ange was being confronted by imperial guards and rescues Sylvia. However, Sylvia slices Ange's left arm and despised her, blaming to her paraplegic status and the death of her mother. Ange shocks when she hears Sylvia's resenting words and now being captured by the imperial guards.
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E11 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 11 - Dragon Song

Release Date: 2014-12-14

Sylvia becomes disturbed after their encounter with Ange during the execution, so she heads to Julio's room where she finds Julio and Riza somewhat having sex. Julio calls Riza "Mama" and explaining to her about Ange being a hindrance to their plans. Riza drops a special liquid to Julio's mouth and Sylvia sees Riza a monster. As she finds out the truth, Riza uses her tail to strangle Sylvia and screams for help. At Arzenal, Salia and Mei goes to Fei-Ling's tomb where they recollect a certain incident which Jill, formerly known as Alektra, arrives wounded and her right arm being amputated on Arzenal. A young Salia and Mei saw Jill's condition and Salia vows to avenge Jill. However, Jill disallowed Salia from using Villkiss because Salia doesn't have something to fly the legendary Paramail. After their recollection, Salia is hopeful to fully use Villkiss. In the middle of the day, a singular portal opens above Arzenal and a vast array of Schooner-type DRAGONs appear storming the base. Other than Schooners, three Para-mails appeared and the red Paramail that seemingly leads the pack blasted a powerful beam to Arzenal, killing intercepting Paramails as well. Salia's squadron is sent to intercept the enemies but Salia defied Jill and uses Villkiss. Salia struggles to control Villkiss and Ange, hitched on Hilda's Paramail, rides on Villkiss and throws Salia to Hilda. Ange, now flying Villkiss, engages the mysterious Paramail which they fire shots and land blows on each other. The mysterious Paramail suddenly stops and the pilot starts singing. Ange responses also by singing, which her ring start interacting to Villkiss. As they sing and their beams shoot, Ange confronts the pilot and seemingly sees their history and relation. The pilot quickly leaves and telling Ange the truth lies on the Aura. The mysterious Paramails along with the DRAGONs retreat and Salia realizes that Ange is the right pilot for Villkiss. In the aftermath of the invasion, Jill assesses the condition of Arzenal and before the credits, Vivian enjoys lying on her bed even the room is damaged.
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E15 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 15 - The Parallel Earth

Release Date: 2015-01-18

Ange, Tusk, Vivian and the Villkiss are transported by DRAGONs to a castle in the mountains, where Vivian is soon shot with a traq dart and taken away. Ange and Tusk are taken to see the High Priestess and her council, where not only Ange's temper gets away from her, but Tusk is under a lot of scrutiny. Things look grim until Salamanday, the pilot Ange met above Arenzal, offers them hospitality and to show the two their world. During a tea ceremony, Ange's patience runs thin and she attempts to take their hostess hostage where Salamanday not only shows Ange how they survived on their Earth, but also the source of the Mana of Light and the truth of the war between Arenzal and the DRAGONS and Embryo. Ange tries to attack Salamanday, but is quickly subdued. She wakes up in a hospital bed with a human Vivian looking after her, and learns that Vivian can now control her transformations thanks to Dr. Gecko adjusting her DRAGON gene. They hear Tusk yell in the next room, where Ange and Vivian find a naked Tusk strapped to a table and surrounded by a bunch of young DRAGONettes. Dr. Gecko thanks Tusk for cooperating as there are few humanoid males around and they learned a lot about sex, much to Anges anger. Afterwards Ange and Vivian meet Salamanday and another DRAGON female who actually is Vivians' mother and the DRAGONS plan a festival for her return. During the festival Salamaday's guards meet with Ange and Tusk asking them to learn about them, and they in turn want to learn. Tusk asks Ange if they really need to return to their Earth, which Ange does not have an answer for yet.
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E19 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 19 - Tuner of Time

Release Date: 2015-02-15

Tusk's fuselage is fiercely attacked by Ersha and Chris, causing Momoka to almost be thrown into the sea, but she escapes death by using Mana. Ange counters to the enemy's attack and allowing the Aurora to prepare to move, and under the command of Jasmine the Aurora is able to escape into the sea. Ange tries to ask Ersha and Chris what really happened to them, but they decline, and then they withdraw immediately afterwards. Ange achieves a sense of relief and goes to rescue Momoka, but Salia waits for an opportune moment and hits Ange with a surprise attack. Salia, who has deactivated stealth mode and become visible, shoots Ange with a tranquilizer gun. Ange wakes abruptly in her room in the Misurugi Empire, which remains in the same condition it was in before she was exiled, and then she meets Momoka. Ange and Momoka once again fully enjoy the life just as they had spent it when Ange was princess of the Misurugi Empire. Ange finds a letter from Embryo and realizes that the circumstances surrounding her are the result of Embryo's actions. Ange makes up her mind that she will go to the place where Embryo is and decides to attack him, but then Salia, who is the leader of Diamond Rose Knights, appears and disturbs Ange. Ange tries to inquire about what happened to Salia, and Salia replies that after she was thrown away by Jill and Ange she was given a helping hand by Embryo. Additionally, she tells Ange that, whilst she is no longer needed by Jill, her potential value is recognized by Embryo, and that she has fallen in love with him. After Salia says this, she and Ange get in a squabble and battle, and then Ange succeeds in shaking off her pursuers. After leaving her room, Ange once again meets the children who attended elementary school in Arzenal. In the palace garden of Misurugi, Ersha appears and reveals to Ange that she is the director of the Embryo kindergarten. In the meeting room of the Aurora, Jill raises questions about the fate of the Libertus and regrets the loss of Ange who is key to continuing the plan. Hilda senses an awkward atmosphere on the ship and tells Rosalie a plan to try to recapture Ange. In the Akenomi-hashira, Ange confirms the existence of the Aura and requires Embryo to release Aura, but he refuses and shows Ange that Aura plays an essential role in maintaining peace within human society. His reaction enrages Ange, and then she sees it as a suitable reason to consider him her enemy. Ange tries to kill Embryo by shooting him repeatedly, but he is reborn again and again. He proclaims himself as a "Tuner of Time". Embryo makes numerous advances towards Ange who is bedazzled, but she breaks his spell and refuses. However, Embryo continues to attempt to court her more and more. In Jill's bedroom, Hilda gets a glimpse of the fact that Jill is troubled by her past relationship with Embryo. "I'm sorry, Embryo-sama", Jill says in her sleep.
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E20 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 20 - Soul of God

Release Date: 2015-02-22

In the Aurora, Jill criticizes Tusk, who is caught and imprisoned, that in spite of the fact that he is Villkiss's knight, his actions led to Ange becoming lost and caused the failure of their plan, Libertus. She says in a hateful voice that Tusk has brought everything to ruin and that he has disgraced his father who said that the Villkiss is important for defeating Embryo. Hilda provides her opinion to Jill that Libertus is not over until it is over and that it is a simple matter of fact that they must to Ange's rescue. Jill says with a tone of disappointment that an attempt to save Ange would be futile and that Ange would no longer listen to her commands. Jill decides to change the course of Aurora to Arzenal and gives an order. In Salia's bedroom at the Akenomi-hashira, Embryo approaches Salia and proposes that it would be good for them to let Ange, who is the only one who can pilot Villkiss and can bring the world to variation, join the Diamond Rose Knights, but Salia refuses. Embryo makes a pass at Salia, saying that she is the most important person in the world, and she feels resolve weakening. Salia tries to stop Ange who intends to pass her and confront Embryo, but in the end, Ange passes through to the library where Embryo is. In the library, Embryo dazzles Ange with his grace and beauty and serves her tea with a sticky sweet smile, and then proposes to Ange that he wants to marry her. When Salia, who is eavesdropping, hears this, she cannot hide her shock. Embryo says with a smile, insincerely to Ange that if she married him, he can fulfill her wildest dream, which is to try to destroy the world. Embryo reveals to Ange that he had tried to change the world in which a brutal and greedy ancient human beings live, and make a world filled with peace by using Mana, but he tells Ange that his plan added up with nothing because the human beings living in his world essentially did not change. He suggest Ange that it is possible to change the world if he partners up with her. After Ange asks Embryo the way to change the world, he suddenly start to sing a song called “The Tale of Eternity”. Embryo tells Ange that this song is built based on "unified theory" and tells her that he has converted "a law which influences cosmos" into a melody. He tells Ange that his plan is to amplify the song using the Ragna-Mail, and as a result, fuse both worlds and create new world by exploiting Aura's energy. However, Ange protests. Ange stabs Embryo's hand with a knife, fixing it to the table. She believes that, by doing this, it is possible to make Embryo's magic unusable. Ange cuts Embryo's throat, believing that this is the end. However, he emerges uninjured from a different place. He casts magic which heightens sensory overload on Ange, and by so doing, he makes Ange get aroused. But when Momaka tries to protect her, he whisks her away. In Hilda's bedroom in Aurora, Hilda and Rosalie pour out their hearts to each other and strengthen their bond realizing that Ange and Chris are very important to them and they make a firm decision to rescue them. After Hilda enters the prison where Tusk is, she tries to bait him with a show of affection, but it fails. “I’m Ange’s knight”, Tusk says, which Hilda teases him about him always ending in compromising positions with Ange. Hilda appeals to Tusk for assistance because she does not feel confidence in Jill. The barrier walls suddenly close. At the moment when Jill goes to the place where Para-Mmail is and is going to get in it, Hilda appears. Hilda confidently tells Jill that by listening through the door, she knows that Jill has a nightmare, and questions Jill about whether she might go to the place where Embryo is. The next few seconds passed like the dream of minutes. Jill's gun flashes, but her efforts are thwarted by Hilda. At the prison in Akenomi-Hashira, Momoka sees Riza, who has a gag in her mouth, and is being abused by Silvia. After Silvia leaves, Momoka helps the injured DRAGON, advising she will not forgive her until she apologizes to Ange. Riza informs Momoka that there is Ange is in the shelter that is exclusively used by royalty. In the Aurora, Jill says that she was a puppet in the hand of Embryo and the he controlled her mind and she became captivated by him. Additionally, she says with a glow of regret that she let her co-workers die and the only thing she can do to atone for her crime is to kill Embryo. When she speaks about Embryo, Maggy slaps Jill in the face and says that she followed Jill for to help her. Jasmine interrupts, and says that now that they know the truth, Jill must step down. She designates Hilda to act as the leader. In the shelter Embryo tries to break Ange with pain and pleasure, but every time she breaks the spell and insults him. Embryo gathers the other Mail-riders for trying to carry out his plan, but Sala is not there. In the shelter, Salia comes to Ange and tells her that she must leave, which Ange then thanks her and chokes her but also Salia gives her one more item, the ring of Villkiss. Embryo uses Aura's facilities to carry out his plan to broadcast the song and demands the riders to protect the facility. After Ange and Momoca leave the castle, Ersha tries to stop her but then the Blue Villkiss appears in response to the situation. As Ange's former friends try to capture her, a Singularity point opens and an energy beam scatters the attackers, revealing Salako and her Ragna-Mails flying to help their friend as Riza watches from the comm room. The stage is now set for the end of the world. 
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E21 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 21 - The One Left Behind

Release Date: 2015-03-01

When Tusk says he will push into the center of Misurugi Empire, Hilda lets out a surprised cry. On the deck of Aurora, Hilda gives an order to her Para-mail squadron. Recruits say in an apprehensive voice that it is stressful for them to fly over the human world. However, Rosalie shrugs and tells them not to worry. The Aurora surfaces, a hatch opens, and the Hilda corps launch their attack. Above the Misurugi, Ange meets Sala. She offers to pitch in on Ange's behalf as the person who will hold the enemy in check, and tells Ange to go ahead and not worry about her. The two separate and Sala goes to rescue Aura. Rosalie says with a puzzled voice that the war has already begun, and then something clicks in Vivian's mind, and she locates Ange by feeling Ange's signal with her native sense and turns her Para-Mail with one wing raised higher than the other and then they set off for the place where Ange is. Afterwards, Hilda reunites with Ange, but then Ange is targeted by Chris. Then, the Villkiss becomes immobile due to a direct hit by Chris, skimming the ground before crashing. Chris comes, trying to capture Ange, but she is interrupted by Hilda who goes to help Ange, and then Chris scatters beams around them. Hilda has a one-on-one battle with Chris. Chris says in a voice dripping with sarcasm the fact that she was treated as a lightweight and Hilda gasps. "I am not the person I used to be", Chris says with her face sobered. Hilda asks Tusk to go to help Ange instead of her, because she can't stop what she is doing. At the river bank where the Villkiss crashed, Momoka gives mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Ange to try to rescue her, and by so doing, Ange is revived. They stumble toward the sea to join their co-worker at the Aurora. In a garden of the Misurugi Empire, children of the elementary school wait for the return of Ersh, but the area they are hiding is hit by Ersh's missed shot. In a back alley, while Momoka goes to look for a car, Ange encounters an child who is under the control of Embryo. Ange heads off returns to Momoka, and they get in the car. In the middle of an aerial battle, Rosalie asks Chris with a remorseful tone why they need to make war each other. Chris tells Rosalie in a virulent of voice that they left her to die. In a flashback, Chris, Rosalie and Hilda exchange gifts. Chris gets hair accessories from Hilda, but she is told then that she should make her hairstyle fit in with the hair accessory due to the fact that her hairstyle does not for Hilda's present. Chris says in a faraway tone that she put up with this kind of treatment, and their self-important attitudes, because she thought they were her friends. Thereafter, she says that Embryo proposed that he wanted to be her friend. Chris throws away her hair accessories and exclaims that Hilda and Rosalie are not her friends. Mary, who thinks that their conversation is at risk of being overheard, says in an apprehensive tone that she wants to help them even if it means disobeying orders, and then she sets off toward them. In the car that Momoka is driving, afterwards, Momoka is manipulated by Embryo, but Ange smashes the windshield with her fist and releases Momoka from embryo's control. Meanwhile, Embryo says that because he is the creator, he has the power to control those who use Mana. The car hits the telephone pole, and they get out. As they flee, a group of citizens controlled by Embryo pursue them. Ange and Momoka move toward the building. Above the Akenomi-hashira, Sala does battle with Ersha and tells Naga and Kaname that it is impossible for them to recapture Aura, and that it would be a good decision for their troops to pull out and join up with Vivian and the others. Sala tells Riza that instead of regretting the day she lost a lot of friends in battle, she must work with the coalition to help a large number of her friends. Before Riza can take flight Silvia shoots at her. Her shot flies far to the left and misses Riza's head. After Riza reveals that Julio, not Ange, killed their father, Silvia gets frozen by fear. Riza sails through the air and is picked up by Sarah and escapes from the Misurugi afterwards. Meanwhile, Ange arrives at the roof where Embryo is and meets Tusk. Tusk buys Ange some time to get away by battling Embryo. When Hilda tries to withdraw, she is attacked by Chris, but then Marila comes to her aid and covers her but dies in the process which causes Rosalie to go berserk and attack the one she holds dear. After the allied forces pull back, Ersha looks around and sees something that crushes her heart. After Embryo teleports to the place where Ange is, Tusk also arrives there to rescue the girls, only to have Momaka attack him under control again. However it is Ange who again breaks Momaka free, who then attacks Embryo. He shoots her fatally, but not before she runs him through with a sword and pushes him off the cliff with a car, being caught in the explosion afterwards. Tusk get Ange to his machine, when Embryo appears once more surprised that one of his toys was able to resist him. Tusk sets his machine to return to the Aurora, kisses her and says he will always be at her side, then attacks Embryo, setting off a deadmans vest and destroying the area. Ange's last screams are for the two that she lost.
Watch Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons S1E22 Online

SEASON 1, EPISODE 22 - Necessary

Release Date: 2015-03-08

Embryo is not happy with Salia as he punishes her for letting Ange escape and tells her that his new world would be only for intelligent women. In the maintenance room of the Aurora, Nonna and Mary lament the passing of Marika. Meanwhile, Riza reveals that Embryo plans to merge the two worlds together by using Aura and Ragna-mail. When Hilda and Sala talk about forming strategic alliances with the provision that they bring back Ange, Emma, who is being manipulated by Embryo, appears and faces off against them, but then she is interrupted by Sala. Ersha enters into the library, begging Embryo in tears to raise the preschool children from the dead, but he refuses her wish. Ersha realizes that she has been deceived by Embryo and sobbingly digs a grave to bury children's bodies, and subsequently she deserts to the enemy. In Hilda's room, Hilda and Rosalie suffer from their stupidity and powerless, and then Rosalie makes up her mind to defeat Chris for Marika. In Jill's room, Jasmine criticizes Jill, saying that if she had treated Salia civilly, such a situation would not have occurred. Meanwhile, Ange arrives at the place where she had previously spent time with Tusk, which remains untouched since the last time she was there. She reminisces about the past and then bursts into tears. In Salia's room, Salia makes a firm decision to kill Ange in order to gain acceptance from Embryo. In the medical room of the Aurora, Riza explains that, because Norma have the potential to reveal the full truth about this world, they are kept in quarantine. In a summit conference of government leaders, the leaders ask Embryo to save them from the chaos of the world, but Embryo rejects their request on the grounds that he thinks that they are not necessary in his new world. In Tusk's room, Ange reads Tusk's diary, and she is reminded of what Tusk meant to her. As a result, Ange thinks that she cannot live alone and tries to commit suicide, but then the memories of Tusk cross her mind make her persuade not to do it. When Ange thinks of the good old times with Tusk while facing the setting sun, Tusk, who she had presumed dead, appears from behind. Ange is unable believe that Tusk is alive, and she kisses him to determine whether it actually is him, resulting in a happy reunion between the two. When they return to the Tusk's room afterwards, Ange is surprised and overjoyed to find that Momoca is also still alive and is waiting for her for her with the home-cooked food. Ange calls the Villkiss, and then they prepare for war to combat the crisis situation.